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Natura Bio is the unmissable appointment with the world of sustainability, ecology and organic farming, which takes place in a convivial atmosphere, capable of conquering different tastes and sensitivities.

Eating, drinking, taking care of your body, dressing up, having fun , are daily gestures that we can use in a responsible way to enrich our lives and improve the health

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of the only planet we have at our disposal. 


In the large green spaces we meet organic producers, holistic operators, artisans and a vast exhibition of all eco-sustainable products.

In a time of strong social and economic transformations, the event stimulates the creation of a more sustainable way of producing, starting with the economic resources of the territory. Last year's public success encourages us to continue on this path towards an ecology that is understandable to all, and to support the transition towards what we consider the only possible future.

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Info: ecoversilia@gmail.com

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